Our MAMA SAID clothing collection was born out of a group of girlfriends who bonded over the funny, sarcastic, and sometimes confusing advice their mothers gave them throughout life. 

This community of women wanted to express their appreciation for the important role that mothers play in our lives. Whether you're a mama yourself, or you're just grateful for the mama in your life, MAMA SAID has something for you.

MAMA SAID is all about celebrating the wisdom and affection that mothers bring into our lives. The brand showcases clothing adorned with quotes inspired by the timeless and contemporary wisdom of mamas everywhere. From lighthearted sayings to profound life lessons, these quotes are a reflection of the guidance and love that mothers provide. Whether you resonate with "Mama said, 'I Ain’t got time for that!'" or "Mama said, Everyone is fighting a battle. Be Kind.,'" there's a MAMA SAID garment that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of maternal wisdom and affection. It's not only a way to express your appreciation for your mama but also to carry a daily reminder of her invaluable wisdom and love with you.